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A mass of matter exploded in billions of particles.

By the blast of the explosion, some of those matter particles started to turn and wearing away made them spherical.

Those turning particles produced energies around themselves(form waves) and then, filled the emptiness between them. Each one of them produces a form wave which allows to maintain  the interplanetary balance.

some of them are carried along towards earth by terrestrial attraction; like the moon, which was captured by those form waves, and then became a cold star, earth satellite.

The sun, particle in fusion, is still transmitting heat today.


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At that time the particle that will become " earth " receives about 12 hours of hot temperature and 12 hours of cold temperature on its surface. This phenomenon will permit the forming of the terrestrial crust along millenniums.
At those times, "earth mass" is covered with water. The magma, prisoner of this crust, provokes the solidified surface burst (Ex : cracks in the oceans are  reversed to the mountains on continents).
It's our blue planet 'birth.




Birth of life…

Earth became  as it is now, in this universe, made with oceans, continents, moon, sun and so on...
Those elements will permit the development of life .

Water, by tides movements on terrestrial ground unit somes particles which give a form of life (molds or mushrooms etc.. )

The sea ; earth union gives birth to all Creation, terrestrial and marine.

The composition with terrestrial as the predominant will product elements living on earth    .



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The  composition with Marine as the predominant will product will product elements living under the sea.

Humanbeing will arrive a  long time after.

Mutations are  numerous before the arrival of  flora and fauna. 

Next, comes " animal-humanbeing " who will  become refined slowly in his conception to give birth to the humanbeing donner .

Earth becomes the theater of Creation, the place, the space where are taking place together Nature, Animal and Humanbeing.



Each live emits a vibration. All those energies in development were blended with those made by movements of earth; moon; sun; tides; this energies association creates ethereal bodies.

It's about this age the fusion of spirit and  humanbody becomes possible

Our planet: Earth…

If you're curious enough to try to gather on a planisphere continents, islands, without including oceans and sea; you'll discover costs, rivers and mountains ranges, they all overlap each other like a puzzle.

So continents, separated sometimes by thousands kilometers, have the same colors, the same vegetation, similars races.


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 Saint-Laurent and Seine rivers, separated by X kms are one, this shows they existed before the earth implosion ; just like the Rocky mountains, separated  by  X kms. Sometimes some islands are reversed to poles.

Humanbeing and spiritual dimensions…

Soul, spirit, inner self, Ego Astral body are individual particle coming from spiritual dimension and integrate into this new universes .

Our Universe is like a bubble in Dimensions ???



We chose the term " Astral body " to follow the explanations.
At the age when physical body arrives to a developpement  level near the one we know,  fusion physical and spiritual becomes possible.

Where does the astral body come from and why this alliance with a physical body ?

Are we E.T ???

In our sleep, do we call home ???

Astral body is made of :

 Astral  body  comes from dimension outside Cosmos, a dimension where energies and vibrations are differents.


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To understand the  different vibrations which are abstract, Dyna uses colors to simplify explanation.

The Energy of Creation is made of 3 different  Energies

How shall we call those energies and vibrations, atoms, ions, molecules etc... ?

red (1st)

blue (2nd)

yellow (3rd)




The 3 energies (Red + Blue + Yellow) + 2 vibrations Orange and Green : that give the component  5.
This component represents the one we call God-JEHOVA-ALLAH-BUDDHA-KRISHNA-MAHOMET ... etc....

Yellow + Red = Orange

Yellow + Blue = Green


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Energies producted by earth formation (physical) and energies earthly life(biologic), representing 2 energies we call  Violet and Indigo



parallel word

Let's go further...

The crossing of component (spiritual) 5 with  terresterial energies 2 which permitted  the incorporation of an astral body in a human body   = crossing = the  cross + = symbol of creation, humanbeing is made of Energy 7.


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There are other lives on earth which have a different  energy component  (fairies, elves... etc)

Let's play : seek what  means to you number  7 and its vibratory colors ...

Examples : rainbow colors, the  7 days of the week, the 7dwarfs, 7 deadly sins, the 7 candelabra, the world 7 marvels, the 7 sacraments, Bluebeard 7 wives, the 7 plagues of  Egypt ....etc...



The humanbeing and his three bodies

Humanbeing is made of three bodies :

a) physical body (mortal) which is our vehicle

b) ethereal body (electromagnetic / terrestrial energy, mortal, the one that maintain the gathering )

c) astral  body (soul, spirit, made of our real inner self and  previous assets - immortal)

2 of our bodies : ethereal and physical have a terrestrial origin (energy 2 vibrations colors violet and indigo) the third is the spiritual supply  (energy 5 /vibrations colors red blue yellow) our complete inner self, 7 is the humanbeing.



Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious…

Conscious : is very important : it's our physical' bodyguard, it proctects us from non-mesure of our inner self . It's absolutly necessary to keep it balanced, reinforce and educated to human life civilized (laws, duties, morality, respect etc …)
Education is transmitted by parents or tutors whose  rectifications of moral and  respect must often be built in adulthood on his own will.

Lots of human don't have the knowledge and the understanding of the value of their life.



Subconscious : records information in its whole, our expériences in this life, but keep previous informations about experiences which were not completly realized, achieved .

Example : When we're talented in something, it's a base from a previous knowledge that resurfaces  .

Unconscious : is the reserve of all complete  realisations ,lived in previous lives .

Lots of humanbeings do not have the knowledge and the  understanding  of the value of their life .

At least,  let's learn to our children respect in all its forms,  respect of what lives, self respect ,  respect of differences.



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Colors symbols

Symbols of colors seem very explicit, all religions use them. We'll mention catholic religion

Red symbolises body energy, fighting, force, Jesus Christ represents the red by his coat.

Blue  symbolizes mother or sea, the origins of physical body creation. Mother is the physical body reproductive.


The virgin represents blue by her  blue and white clothes.

Yellow symbolizes higher energy (E.T, call home??), the origine, god and spiritual creation.

John the Baptist represents yellow transmitting god's word, and the way to put into practice for us the messages of purification symbols .

Colors symbols and numbers symbols are present in the pyramids, cathedrals, place of worship generally, but this is another subject ….coming next.


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Our TOTAL universe…

Union 5 is much more  important than we think......

This Dimension, ( 5 ) is the place where our Astral body, our inner self, exists (our real life)

But life on earth is very important passage, which can allow us to fluidify our astral body. In human body, we have the possibilities to be affected by feelings full of waves able to  lighten us. 



Our Astral body can be compared to a ball, full of   hyper light gaz (by vibrations and positive feelings).

The feeling of love makes vibrate all the mixed  energies, provides a refinement of components 5 and enlight them.

Love as a whole, love for our next, love for arts, love for life, love for sea, love for  silence, love for nature... ...etc...etc...

The real feeling of love enlight our inner self.



This is the known or unknown goal of our earthly life; becoming more fluid to increase our total spirit, which is what we come from and where we aspire to go back to  if we lighten ourselves  and succeeded our life contract.


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